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Director Dr. Alethia Abraham

Meet Our Director

Dr. Alethia Abraham is the youngest of 11 children.
When in the third grade, my teacher, Mrs. Matthews made a major impact on my life and that was the beginning of my love to teach. Even though I wanted to teach, learning was really difficult for me. Not knowing I had a disability, which hindered my learning, I failed the 7th grade three times. Due to my disability, though it wasn’t explained then like it is now, I suffered so much that I dropped out of high school. Yes, that’s right, I dropped out but my desire to teach was still in me from the third grade. I went to get my GED and yes, I failed that about nine times. I had the disability, but I was consistent and I passed all while working for Norfolk Public Schools. I have worked 10 years for Norfolk Public Schools and I have also worked for a private school for 5 years.
Later, I went to college and I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. With much studying, I graduated with my master’s degree and I went back to obtain my doctorate degree, and then my final return to get My Th.D.
God allowed me to experience both schools public and private for a reason. Abraham’s Academy is a place where the impossible is possible and every child can learn. Some students learn slower and some faster but learning is what they do. The love of teaching is still a great part of my life and I feel honored because I am able to teach your child. My disability was the cause of me falling through the cracks of education and I didn’t want this for other children which is why Abraham’s Academy is in existence.

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